Invited Talks

Meaning Representation in Natural Language Tasks
January 2020, Haifa University, Israel.
January 2020, Technion, Israel.
January 2020, Hebrew University, Israel.
January 2020, Weizmann institute, Israel.
January 2020, Ben-Gurion University, Israel.
January 2020, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Proposition Extraction (Formulation, Crowdsourcing and Prediction)
November 2017, Advanced Topics NLP Seminar, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
August 2017, AI2, Seattle, Washington.

Leveraging External Knowledge in Different Tasks and Various Domains
August 2017, University of Washington NLP seminar, Seattle, Washington.
Recognizing Mentions of Adverse Drug Reaction in Social Media Using Knowledge-Infused Recurrent Models
June 2017, The Bar-Ilan Symposium on Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (BISFAI), Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
Natural Language Knowledge Representation
August 2016, Nuance lab seminar, Sunnyvale, California.
Finding Better Argument Spans
August 2016, UKP lab, Darmstadt University, Germany.
July 2016, University of Washington NLP seminar, Seattle, Washington.
July 2016, IBM Research Almaden, San Jose, California.

Open Information Extraction as Intermediate Structure for Semantic Tasks
August 2015, AI2 seminar, Seattle, Washington.